Natalie Clack

(Recruitment Consultant – Structural Engineering)

+44 (0) 2039 364 982
(+44) 07739 407 441

Natalie has over 20 years’ of experience when it comes to helping other people find the right match & she’s extremely experienced when it comes to helping people manage what can be a stressful process, having previously worked as an Estate Agent, so helping people find better jobs & manage their career moves should be a walk in the park – understanding what people want & need and building long-term relationships comes naturally to Natalie.

Having worked within the same office for over 20 years – a true sign of a trusted & respected Estate Agent – Natalie decided to join Structural Search in 2022 with the view of helping the business establish itself as the market leader, building on the success the business has had since it’s birth in 2018. This isn’t the first time Natalie’s worked with Nathan either – the two worked together between 2011 & 2015 and in fact, Natalie played a key role in mentoring Nathan when he began his own Estate Agency career at 19 years of age.

Natalie has a keen interested in buildings & architecture so whilst she’s making a pivot into recruitment where her previous skills & experience will be easily transferrable, she’s excited to be stepping into a sector which she has an invested interest in which, as Nathan’s discovered, really helps when it comes to building & maintaining long lasting relationships within the sector.