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Senior Structural Engineer

$95,000-$110,000 + Bonus & Benefits
New York
25-03-2024 04:36 AM

That's the thing with New York (& many markets in the US, in comparison with London for example - entrepreneur central for Structural Engineering) - As far as the employer market goes, it's made up of many long-standing names, with long-standing hierarchies & of course, others in line when it comes to progression, whatever that progression may look like. Oooh the politics.

To use an analogy, it's a little bit like a conveyor belt at a grocery store – it’s not what you’d call a desirable location at the best of times & it becomes even less desirable when there's a queue. 

As a Senior Engineer with 6-8 years' experience, this must feel a little demoralising for you – so soon into your career & your further progression is somewhat out of your hands. Irrelevant of your own potential, your somewhat limited due to the fact you’ll need to fit into someone else’s puzzle in order to move forward - A frustrating scenario for ambitious types.

Not anymore, and you certainly wouldn't be taking a step down in terms of prestige in order to find such an opportunity.

Even if you work for one of the biggest names in the industry, you'd be moving to another firm who are likely held in equally high regard (if not more well known), although maybe seen as slightly more exclusive given their size & the fact that, as they’ll proudly admit themselves, they punch above their weight & have done for decades, with the plan of continuing that pattern.

This firm have been operating within the US for years but have had a presence, in various US locations, for coming up half a decade - so not too long. They also have extremely well-established offices in North America.

In other words, for once in New York, there's an opportunity to become part of something - pretty much from the start, but with less ups and downs given that the 'start-up office' phase is pretty much out the way. Now it's time to kick on with the spine of the team in formation.

There's just one missing piece...

Being a household name with architects all over the globe, this firm are looking for a top-class engineer/designer, someone who lives breathes solving complex designs whilst sat in the hot seat with architects & clients - In fact, we're looking for someone who lives for these moments & for who this is the part of the job they love.

In my clients’ mind, this is the best form of business development - providing highly valuable input & advice to architects and clients. Less talk (of the sales sort) & more action in terms of the value provided. 

We're also looking for someone with a competitive edge & someone who's looking to be disruptive, whilst reaping the rewards for doing so. Do this job well & you’ll be in the driver’s seat to keep progressing at the rate you deserve, with only yourself standing in your way.

How nice would that feel, for your trajectory & the speed of that trajectory to be almost entirely in your hands?

Could you say the same for where you work currently or is there a possibility that lack of room in the hierarchy, internal politics or other factors could be in the way of that?

If you're a Structural Engineer in New York with 6-8 years' experience (roughly, I won't rule out someone with 9 or 10) & looking for a real opportunity to progress beyond a new title & in this case, the opportunity to become a key figure within a growing office for a household name worldwide and work on top class projects, with top class architects - why not disrupt me & get in touch?

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