(Recruitment Consultant - Structural Engineering)

(+44) 7581 700 425

Nathan's been recruiting within the structural engineering industry since 2015 & has become a go-to guy in the UK, USA & Canada for businesses & job seekers alike.

He's not one of the many Recruiters trying their luck & he doesn't see recruitment as a stop-gap for his next career move - for him, this is his profession. He doesn't cold call businesses on a weekly basis to ask the receptionist if there's any jobs available, instead he holds long-term relationships with Directors & hiring managers, enabling for a more impactful, smoother & fully transparent process. Likewise, he doesn't call people on a weekly basis to ask if they're looking for a new job.

Nathan holds partnerships with cutting-edge practices in the UK, USA & Canada, consisting of awesome start-ups & newcomers, to evolving SME's, right the way through to mid/large sized international consultancies. Nathan felt it was important to build a client base representing consultancies of all shapes & sizes, enabling him to offer truly tailored solutions for each & every individual. This has worked well, enabling Nathan to grow a vast candidate network with a real focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

He's filled jobs (helping people find better jobs in the process!) across various markets within the UK, US & Canada and has been trialled & tested (successfully) in London, Manchester, Bristol & Bath, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton & Toronto. He even filled a role for a client in Bentonville , Arkansas upon a time, as one of his long-term projects needed some boots on the ground for a project they were set to work on - to this day, he'd tell you that's the toughtest search that he's ever worked on.

At this stage of his recruitment career, Nathan's fairly confident that he's developed unrivalled market knowledge & an unrivalled track record when it comes to delivery, at least within this sector – If you take a look at his recommendations on LinkedIn, there's plenty of other people who would vouch for that. 

As you might have guessed, Nathan founded NLBR in 2017 which now trades as Structural Search having decided that it was time for a better name.